ATandT Launches Voice Encryption Service

AT&T announces a new call encryption service for BlackBerrys and Windows phones.

AT&T has launched a two-factor encryption service for callers.

According to AT&T, the service is targeted at government agencies, law enforcement, financial institutions and international business. Known as AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice, the service combines KoolSpan's TrustChip and SRA International's One Vault Voice and supports BlackBerry and Windows phones on the AT&T wireless network.

Citing the growth of mobile devices in the enterprise, AT&T Chief Security Officer Ed Amoroso said security strategies need to keep pace.

"With the adoption of smartphone use in government and businesses, it's clear that the security ecosystem requires an approach that incorporates both wired and wireless," he said in a statement.

According to AT&T, the KoolSpan technology is a self-contained crypto engine inserted into the smartphone's microSD slot that enables encrypted calling interoperability with a defined group of other AT&T TrustGroup users and can be managed over the air. SRA's One Vault Voice integrates the security features of TrustChip "with a feature rich application that provides an intuitive user interface," AT&T said, allowing users to place and receive encrypted calls by integrating with mobile phone's address book.

"We're continuously working to stay ahead of evolving technologies and threats, and have a specialized team within AT&T Labs that is dedicated to investigating security challenges in the wireless space. AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice is the product of such innovation."

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice can operate in the more than 190 countries globally where AT&T provides data roaming.