AVG Purchases Behavioral Detection Technology to Bolster Anti-Virus Defenses

AVG announces the acquisition of Sana Security, a move that brings Sana's behavioral-based anti-malware detection technology into the AVG portfolio.

AVG Technologies has purchased identity theft protection vendor Sana Security in a bid to bolster its anti-malware defenses.

The move gives AVG Sana's behavior-based security software and is meant to complement AVG's existing anti-malware capabilities. Sana's technology works by learning normal application behavior by observing the way applications interact with each other. When malware forces applications to do things they wouldn't normally do, Sana's technology takes action and works to eliminate the threat before user data gets compromised.

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Interestingly, Sana's technology is licensed by AVG rival Symantec in its Norton Anti-Bot product. There was no immediate word on how the acquisition will affect the licensing deal.

"AVG's acquisition of Sana is one of the most exciting accomplishments in identity theft prevention," said J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG, in a statement. "Sana's unique behavioral software, combined with AVG's existing security technology, will provide the most comprehensive online identity protection in the industry, delivering continuous real-time protection."

Sana Security's personnel, together with its research organization Sana Labs, will be integrated into the AVG organization and maintain offices in Silicon Valley, according to AVG.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.