Beating the Bagle, Netsky Plague

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The past week has almost had a dance rhythm - Bagle Bagle, Netsky, Netsky, Bagle, Bagle, Mydoom, cha cha cha. One after another, Bagle, Netsky and Mydoom have been competing to infect your desktop. Over the weekend and throughout the week weve seen been more than a dozen versions of these worms.

W32/Bagle.J-mm and W32/Bagle.K-mm, while like most Bagle variations, are not highly destructive. However, their messages contain human engineering that is proving very effective. See our top threat Bagle.J for more information.

Netsky.D was winning the battle for infected emails, with a peak infection ratio of 1:19 as reported by MessageLabs. Messagelabs claims to have intercepted over 1.5million copies of the worm by Wednesday morning. Netsky.D is similar in infection vector (E-mail), removal and other characteristics to Netsky.C. See our Top threat Netsky.D for more information

If youre into statistics, heres a chronology of the war of the worms (as of Monday 3/8/04). Note that the dates are gathered from reports by a number of antivirus vendors, as not all vendors posted analysis of all variations.