Behavioral Analysis and SIM Together at Last

eIQnetworks and Mazu Networks hope their two heads provide better security.

eIQnetworks and Mazu Networks are planning to integrate their products to give enterprises a clear view into activity on their networks to help better monitor and address security threats.

Mazu is a provider of network behavioral analysis (NBA) technology, while eIQnetworks specializes in security information management (SIM). Officials at both companies hope the alliance will meet the market demand they see for a product that both traps data and provides information that enterprises can use to understand attacks and events.

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"Most current solutions are either good at SIM or NBA," said eIQnetworks CEO Vijay Basani. "Few successfully do both. Those that attempt to integrate both SIM and NBA are typically only able to receive and send trap info. The eIQnetworks and Mazu partnership provides tight integration that allows organizations to obtain contextual information around an event or alert, dramatically improving their ability to identify, isolate and remediate any potential network operations or security threats across the enterprise."

Through the partnership, Mazus network traffic intelligence will be correlated with log, vulnerability, configuration, asset and performance information from eIQs SecureVue platform. The plan, officials at both companies said, is for an integrated offering to hit the market Aug. 1.

"Unlike solutions that deliver NBA and SIM functionality from a single platform, Mazu uses strategic partnerships to combine its best-of-breed NBA system with leading SIM providers such as eIQ," said Phil Hochmuth, an analyst with The Yankee Group, in a statement. "By integrating pure play NBA and SIM solutions, enterprises gain the best combined functionality for alerting on or mitigating network operations and security threats."

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