Black Hat Bullied into Silence

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Black Hat Bullied into Silence

ACLU Civil Liberties and Technology Policy Director Nicole Ozer holds up the cause of this years Black Hat ruckus: a passive RFID card. The ACLU and security researchers have proved that personal data can easily be read from the cards with gadgets called

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Black Hat Bullied into Silence - HID Letter

Although IOActives Chris Paget was advised by legal counsel to gut his Hacking RFID presentation, nobody told him he couldnt excerpt the threatening legal letter that HID sent.

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Black Hat Bullied into Silence - HID\s Mike Davis

Persona non grata at Black Hat was Mike Davis, director of technology, Intellectual Property, at HID Global. He told the panel audience that HID was surprised that IOActive and Black Hat had decided to cancel the Hacking RFID briefing, claim

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Black Hat Bullied into Silence - Censored Program

The ACLUs Ozer points to the gap in Black Hats conference where knowledge about the dangers of RFID should have been printed and shared with those who are affected, those who use the technology, and those who could do something about making it more secu

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Black Hat Bullied into Silence - RFID Hack Audience

A grim audience surrounds HIDs Mike Davis. Black Hat founder Jeff Moss said that one of the positive outcomes of the ruckus was that at least one audience member said that based on the days discussion, he planned to raise the question of whether his com

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