Businesses Leave Wi-Fi Hot Spots Unprotected

Printers wirelessly leak PostScript, and Linksys routers are the most popular hot spots going-just a few examples of Wi-Fi vulnerabilities many companies don't even know they have or need to secure, says a Wi-Fi security expert.  

BOSTON-Any company could have wireless networks nobody knows about-along with the network security holes those networks bring.

That was one point raised by Amit Sinha, chief technology officer of wireless security vendor AirDefense, in his March 26 presentation, "War of the Airwaves: Next-Generation Risks and Defenses-What Hackers Know That You Don't" at the SecureWorld Expo here.

"A contractor or auditor might set up their own Access point, without any security, providing backdoor access to the network that bypasses any firewall or other edge security you have in place," Sinha pointed out.

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