CA Integrates eTrust Tools

New security console integrates various eTrust technologies and supports the company's new "holistic" security strategy.

Computer Associates International Inc. on Tuesday announced a new security console designed to integrate its various eTrust technologies and support the companys new "holistic" security strategy.

The eTrust Security Command Center will pull together solutions from CAs new Identity Management, Threat Management and Access Management solution lines and display information in a portal-style console. It does correlation and event management and also includes logging functionality.

The new product also includes an SDK for integration of outside security products.

The console is built on the companys CleverPath portal technology and gives administrators a view of several things at once. For example, an administrator looking at his networks access management system could see graphs of violations by platform, the status of each server and a view of the audit trail of each violation.

"It brings it all together so you can manage it and take action," said Russell Artzt, executive vice president and eTrust brand executive at CA in Islandia, N.Y.

CAs new holistic security strategy is an extension of the vision the company outlined at its CA World conference earlier this year. At that time, the company previewed its eTrust 20/20 product, which ties together IT security and physical security assets and displays the data in one portal view.

The software collects real-time feeds from numerous sources, including badge-readers, e-mail systems, Web servers and other networked devices, aggregates the data and produces a graphical depiction of the monitored environment.

CA is working with a number of large partners and systems integrators to deliver the new solutions to customers, including Ernst & Young, Electronic Data Systems Corp., SAP AG and others.

Analysts say the combination of CAs various technologies into one central console is a smart move.

"The complexity of todays business environment and the poor integration between different security components has turned IT security into more of an art than a science, with many choices and no clear approach to enterprise security management," said analyst Pete Lindstrom, of Hurwitz Group in Framingham, Mass. "With its security strategy and the capability brought by the Security Command Center, Computer Associates has created a holistic approach to turn security management into a science, significantly reducing the guesswork and false assumptions resulting from todays lack of security management cohesiveness."

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