CA Purchase of Veracode Doesn't Signal DevOps Consolidation: Analyst

Today’s topics include an analyst’s view that CA’s Veracode deal isn’t a sign of consolidation, Microsoft’s intelligent Bing news searches, Google’s new partnership with SAP and Facebook’s data center updates.

CA Technologies’$614 million deal to acquire application-security firm Veracode has all the hallmarks of continuing the industry’s consolidation.

But it more strongly shows the company’s commitment to expanding its DevOps software portfolio, Amy DeMartine a principal analyst with Forrester, argued in a research note published this week.

“They are trying to fill in a missing piece in their DevOps puzzle,” she said. “Over the past few years, they have really promoted the app economy, and now they are saying that security is a major piece of it.”

Power BI is already helping tens of thousands of enterprise users draw insights from business data. Now, the cloud-enabled business intelligence and analytics platform can also help marketers keep up with current events.

Microsoft this week announced a new template, Advanced Search for Bing News. The template employs a host of Microsoft cloud services and machine learning technologies to seek out news items on a given keyword or topic from hundreds of sources.

Using the gathered information, the template can generate visualizations that put things into perspective.

Google this week announced that its Google Cloud Platform technology has been officially certified to run SAP HANA database and other mission critical SAP applications.

The certification assures enterprises of the availability of specific performance enhancements on GCP for running SAP applications including HANA.

Google is the first cloud vendor to make the express edition of SAP HANA available to developers via an on-demand model so developers can build and launch custom SAP applications quickly, said Nan Boden, head of global technology partners with Google Cloud.

Facebook announced the beginning of a new server refresh project that will require it to remove all of its old equipment in order to make room for its newly unveiled designs. The update will help the social media network keep up with the tsunami of new content its 1.8 billion users create each day.

Facebook will donate specifications for the new servers to an Open Compute Project initiative it helped start. The OCP is a trade organization that shares designs of data center products with IT companies.