Cambridge Analytica Blames Bankruptcy on 'Unfounded Accusations'

Today’s topics include Cambridge Analytica declaring bankruptcy after the Facebook scandal, and Google launching its Stackdriver Kubernetes Cluster Monitoring tool.

Cambridge Analytica, the infamous British company that recently allegedly exploited Facebook data, announced on May 2 that it and its parent company SCL Elections are filing for bankruptcy.

In the announcement, the company stated, “Over the past several months, Cambridge Analytica has been the subject of numerous unfounded accusations and, despite the company’s efforts to correct the record, has been vilified for activities that are not only legal, but also widely accepted as a standard component of online advertising in both the political and commercial arenas. The siege of media coverage has driven away virtually all of the Company’s customers and suppliers.”

Cambridge Analytica also released results of an investigation performed by Queen’s Counsel Julian Malins, whom it had hired to determine if there were any truth to the allegations made against the company. According to Malins, none of the core allegations were true and the reporting in the media was unfounded.

Google last week announced the beta release of Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring, a tool for aggregating logs event data and other Kubernetes environment metrics. Developers and operations teams can use the data to quickly assess, in near real time, application performance and identify performance-impacting issues.

Google Product Manager JD Velásquez said that “observing a complex Kubernetes environment [previously] required manually stitching together multiple tools and data coming from many sources, resulting in siloed views of system behavior.”

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring eliminates this need by integrating events, metrics, logs and metadata from across the environment, speeding up tasks like issue identification and root cause analysis.