Citrix ShareFile Now Enables Encryption From Outlook

Because the encryption works from within the inbox, emails can be securely exchanged without disrupting a user's standard processes.

SAN FRANCISCO—Citrix is providing its ShareFile users with a way to encrypt and send sensitive business documents from Microsoft Outlook that it contends is easier and more time-saving than deploying a separate encryption service.

Beginning April 24, ShareFile users can send encrypted emails from Outlook to secure the content of messages in compliance with industry regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for the health care industry.

Because the encryption works from within the inbox, emails can be securely exchanged without disrupting a user's standard processes.

This feature, designed for small and medium-sized organizations, is a separate function from Citrix's ShareFile Restricted StorageZones for enterprises.

Unlike most other file-sharing services, ShareFile addresses the security of both email text and attachments together. The capability is ideal for SMBs that handle sensitive information such as protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII) in industries such as health care, accounting, financial services, insurance and legal.

With ShareFile, health care practitioners, for example, can save files directly from electronic medical record (EMR) systems to the dedicated ShareFile cloud for PHI and send them as a link in an encrypted email right from their inbox—while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Recipients need only to enter their email address and first and last name to securely access files.

ShareFile Restricted StorageZones offers:

-- No visibility to files or metadata: File and folder metadata is encrypted with the customer's private key before being written to the ShareFile cloud, so Citrix has zero knowledge of file and folder names.

-- Metadata encryption key ownership: Citrix has no ability to access customer files and no ability to provide customer data to any other third party. Data remains fully under the control of the customer.

-- Flexibility and data sovereignty: With ShareFile, customers can store data on premises or in the cloud, and in either case they can use their own encryption keys. Customers have the option to keep their data in their country, city or even behind their firewall to comply with local regulations and protect sensitive data and intellectual property.
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