Congress Looking at Ways to Regulate Social Media, Big Tech Companies

Today’s topics include a U.S. senator’s white paper expressing the need for social media regulation, and the release of Visual Studio 7.6 featuring performance updates and bug fixes.

After the scandal created by the revelations that Cambridge Analytica misused the personal information of 87 million Facebook users, Sen. Mark Warner, co-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, put together a white paper containing a list of 20 proposals for regulating social media companies and companies known on Capitol Hill as Big Tech.

Warner claims some of these proposals could soon be turned into legislation while others are meant as points of discussion on the issues.

Part of the process will be to hold hearings in which social media companies will be asked to explain their actions to protect users’ information and to fight misuse of their platforms. The first of those hearings is set for Sept. 5 in Washington, and representatives from Google, Twitter and Facebook have been asked to testify.

The newest release of Visual Studio for Mac, Version 7.6, is now available, featuring performance updates, bug fixes and new features that will give users more tools to complete their work.

Announced Aug. 20 by Dominic Nahous, senior product manager for Visual Studio for Mac, the version focuses on improving product reliability and code editing. Also new to Version 7.6 are several fixes that improve the performance of the application's Integrated Development Environment, where users edit, debug and build code before publishing their new apps.

In addition, support for Microsoft Azure is being expanded with new functions, while new templates are being added as well as the ability to publish a new function directly to Azure from within the IDE.