Consumer Breaches Are Influencing Enterprise Security Policies

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Consumer Breaches Are Influencing Enterprise Security Policies

The consumer IT world has a lot of influence on how enterprises view cyber-security, according to Gemalto's Identity and Access Management Index 2018 report. The 30-page report, released March 7, is based on interviews with 1,050 IT decision-makers conducted between September and November 2017. Ninety percent of respondents say their enterprise security policies for access management have in part been influenced by data breaches of consumer services. When asked about authentication, 54 percent of respondents said their work authentication is not as good as what is offered by Facebook and Amazon. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at some of the highlights of the Gemalto's Identity and Access Management Index 2018 report.

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Consumer Services Data Breaches Influence Enterprises

Businesses are not sitting idly on the sidelines watching consumer services being breached. Ninety percent of respondents to Gemalto's survey indicated that their organization’s access management and security policies have been influenced by the rise of data breaches against consumer services.

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Enterprises Have Consumer Authentication Envy

While organizations' security policies have been influenced by consumer breaches, many organizations still think that certain consumer services do a better job of authentication. More than half (54 percent) of Gemalto's respondents indicated that the authentication systems they use at work are not as good as those offered by Facebook and Amazon.

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High Use of Social Media Credentials for Corporate Resources

When asked if they would allow employees to log on to corporate resources using their social media credentials, more than two-thirds (67 percent) said they would, at least to an extent.

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How Organizations Secure Social Media Accounts

In terms of how organizations are securing access to corporate social media accounts, 38 percent of respondents indicated they make use of native two-factor authentication from the social media sites.

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Two-Factor Authentication Use to Grow

When asked about two-factor authentication (2FA) usage, respondents said 39.37 percent of users in their organizations currently use it. The expectation is for 2FA use to grow to 60.70 percent in the next two years.

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Using Two-Factor Authentication to Protect Applications

Organizations are also deploying two-factor authentication to protect applications. Ninety-six percent of organizations expect to use 2FA to protect all applications in the future.

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Cloud Is a Top Target for Attacks

Forty-one percent of Gemalto's survey respondents said that, in their view, cloud applications are one of the biggest targets for cyber-attacks. The reasons why cloud is a top target are organizations’ increasing use of the cloud and a lack of strong security.

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Malware Attacks Up, Ransomware Attacks Down in 2017, SonicWall Reports

While the overall volume of malware attacks in 2017 grew, SonicWall found that the number of ransomware attacks declined last year.
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