Cyber-Security Needs Spur Job Growth in 10 Tech Industries

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Cyber-Security Needs Spur Job Growth in 10 Tech Industries

by Nathan Eddy

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Online Payment Processing Software Developers Lead the Pack

The explosion of smartphones and mobile computing power has driven industry growth over the past five years. These technologies allow consumers to pay for transactions in the store through radio communication.

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Virtual Data Rooms to Boast Big Business

Virtual Data Rooms are attractive targets for investors due to the exponential growth of cloud data storage and the industries' resulting strong revenue and profit growth.

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Online Insurance Brokers Are Secure

In the next five years, revenue for online insurance brokers is forecast to increase at an annual rate of 12.9 percent to $19.2 billion.

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IT Security Consulting Posts Gains

As the risk of cyber-attacks increases, IT security consultants that can help mitigate damages associated with security breaches will likely experience greater demand.

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Operating System, Productivity Software Devs Grow

Operating system developers and publishers are forecast to increase at an annual rate of 6.8 percent to $38.6 billion.

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Identity-Theft Protection Services Gain Ground

In the next five years, effective cyber-security will become a more important component of business operations, in addition to the countless number of industries that conduct business online.

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Financial Data Service Providers Make Money

Financial data services providers have high profit margins of 21.9 percent and are forecast to experience revenue growth of 4.9 percent per year, on average, to $6.3 billion in the next five years.

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Online Mortgage Brokers Seal the Deal

Revenue for online mortgage brokers will grow 4.7 percent per year, on average, to $10.1 billion, the IBISWorld report projected.

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Database, Storage and Backup Software Devs Move Forward

Over the next five years, this industry is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 4.1 percent, to $38.6 billion, as businesses increasingly rely on cloud data storage.

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Data Processing and Hosting Services Develop

These services allow businesses to instantly access information, such as financial data, that is critical for informed business decisions.

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