CyberDefender Launches Free Internet Security Suite

CyberDefender has released an all-free Internet security suite that will protect a users PC from spyware, viruses, early spam, phishing, malware and other harmful agents.

CyberDefender Corporation wants to save its customers big bucks by offering their newest Internet security software for free.

The Los Angeles, Calif.-based Internet security software developed announced today the launching of CyberDefenderFREE 2.0, an all-free Internet security suite that will provide users with the ability to detect and protect their PCs from online security threats.

"CyberDefenderFREE 2.0 uses technology that can detect and protect against attacks much faster than existing signature based systems," Alan Wallace, CyberDefender representative, wrote in an email to eWEEK.

CyberDefenderFREE, the free version of the all-new CyberDefender Early Detection Center, will have the ability to identify spyware, viruses and other attacks early-on and then provide users with constant security updates.

The new free Internet Security suite will include the following features:

  • The ability to analyze running executable files and assign threat levels
  • The evaluation of e-mail attachment files from Outlook
  • The ability to block high-threat files and infected emails
  • Provides users with an online advisory to inform them of infected files

When asked why this new Internet security software is being offered for free, Wallace said that "First, our network updating is largely cost-free, which means we dont have to pay for distribution, a significant advantage over the rest of the industry. Secondly, our earlyNETWORK thrives on a very large number of users in the network and free distribution is the fastest way to accomplish this."

CyberDefenderFREE also features earlyVIRUS, which will provide users with real-time virus protection; earlySPAM, which thwarts unwanted or dangerous span for a users Outlook or Outlook Express boxes; and earlySCAM, anti-phishing technology that evaluates the websites that users visit and blocks sites that try and coax the user into giving personal and financial information.

The new Internet security also includes earlyMonitor, which will bring together in a single location all the functions to inform users of circumstances which could endanger their PC security, and safeSEARCH, which will make sure that a users Internet search will not be hijacked to a scam site.

Once put on a users PC, CyberDefenderFREE will look out for harmful agents and once a harmful agent is detected, the new software will report it to the CyberDefender Early Alert Center, where the harmful-threat will undergo analysis and resolution.

"Our new free Internet security suite can benefit business users as it allows them to install CyberDefenderFREE on a users machine and gain an additional layer of security at no cost," Wallace said in the same email to eWEEK.

CyberDefenderFREE 2.0 is available now for download at the companys website.