Daily Tech Briefing: Oct. 9, 2014

Symantec may soon follow Hewlett-Packard and eBay and choose to split into two companies. Bloomberg News reported that unnamed individuals involved with the matter said that Symantec officials are considering breaking the company in two, with one company focused on security and the other on data storage.

This highlights a trend within the tech industry of some vendors splitting or shedding business units in an effort to become more focused and streamlined to boost their bottom lines.

When CEO Michael Dell announced that he intended to take his namesake company private, Hewlett-Packard officials wasted little time courting Dell customers that might have been concerned that Dell might not continue to give them the same level of support they expected.

Now the tables have turned since HP officials announced plans to split into two separate companies. In response, Dell and Lenovo are taking aim at HP and attempting to foster doubts about the HP plan and to highlight what they can offer, calling HP's plan distracting and merely beneficial to shareholders.

Samsung has launched the Samsung 360 Services for Business services suite to help enterprises to bring their mobile and other core technologies together in an easier to manage system.

This service is already being tested in pilot projects at a number of Fortune 1000 companies, according to Samsung, which plans to launch the service globally in early 2015.

AT&T is reporting that, once again, an insider has gained unauthorized access to customer information. In a letter sent to about 1,600 customers whose information was accessed in the latest data breach, AT&T admitted that customer privacy rules were violated by an AT&T employee.

Officials stated that the individual who gained unauthorized access is no longer employed at AT&T. Any unauthorized account charges will be reversed and free credit monitoring is being made available to affected customers.

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