Daily Video: Regin Cyber-Spy Malware Steals Data, Hides Evidence

According to antivirus researchers, online spies using an espionage platform known as Regin, have had significant success at infiltrating systems in Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

The researchers described Regin as a sophisticated cyber-spying platform that can be customized with various capabilities depending on the target and type of intelligence operation.

In a report, antivirus firm Symantec referred to Regin as stealthy, advanced and extremely complex with the ability to erase most of the evidence of its existence once it has completed its task.

A group that calls itself the Guardians of Peace or #GOP, has reportedly taken over Sony Pictures network and locked out its employees. An image originally shared on Reddit shows the ransom screen that the #GOP hackers put on the Sony Pictures network.

The attackers have also posted several compressed .zip files that include alleged internal Sony Pictures financial reports. Security experts regarded the breach as an interesting event, though it is one that unfortunately is not unique.

Google's Project Loon initiative to deliver Internet connectivity to rural and remote areas around the world using a global network of high-altitude balloons appears to be gathering momentum.

The company stated in a recent blog update that it can now launch up to 20 Project Loon balloons every day, each of which it estimates can stay in the air for at least 100 days.

Microsoft is planning to leverage its Internet of things efforts to combat cyber-crime, which is an area that law enforcement struggles to come to grips with. Microsoft's IoT Industry Team explained that the company's Digital Crimes Unit plans to help agencies aggressively combat cyber-crime.

According to Microsoft DCU, each year cyber-crime affects nearly 400 million people, last year it cost consumers $113 billion. Roughly half of all adults online are affected, and 20 percent of small and midsized businesses are targeted.

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