DataMotion Announces SecureMail Gateway Email Encryption

The platform includes three types of outbound mail filtering and offers a host of features designed to improve email encryption.

Security and encryption specialist DataMotion announced the Dec. 10 launch of the latest edition of its SecureMail Gateway platform, a monitoring solution that uses policy-based encryption and Exact Matching functionality to help prevent data leakage and protect sensitive information housed in email messages and file attachments.

The Gateway scans all outbound email and attachments for sensitive content as defined by corporate policies and automatically encrypts all messages that require secure delivery. Exact Matching compares target email messages against an actual set of dynamically updated data specific to an organization, such as customer account numbers to reduce false positives.

“New regulations, stricter data retention policies and the risks associated with data leakage are all driving the need for secure email and data delivery,” Osterman Research president Michael Osterman said in a statement. “Encryption is one of the most successful ways to secure sensitive content in email, but many companies still lack this tool today. In order to be adopted widely, encryption services need to be easy to use for both the sender and recipient. Through its SecureMail Gateway, DataMotion has delivered a simple yet effective secure email solution that helps companies protect sensitive data in transit – and it comes at a time when the industry needs it most.”

The Gateway includes three types of outbound mail filtering, including custom exact data matching rules, industry-specific lexicon rules and regular expression rules, and senders can be notified if their messages are routed for secure delivery, helping to educate employees on secure email best practices and reinforce company policies. Senders also have the ability to request a confirmation when their messages arrive safely, and more than 300 different file attachment types can be scanned for sensitive content.

“Companies need to have a multi-pronged approach to data protection, and data in transit cannot be left out of the equation,” Data Motion co-founder and CTO Bob Janacek said in a statement. “Many organizations turn off policy filtering of outbound email because traditional approaches produce too many false positives. SecureMail Gateway solves this problem, providing IT with an easy-to-use, affordable and secure data delivery solution. It provides business value by reducing the time and resources it takes to keep sensitive data secure and compliant. IT has enough to worry about – securing their sensitive email doesn’t have to be one of them.”

The release follows an October DataMotion survey that found 34.5 percent of respondents did not have the ability to encrypt email, and 28.9 percent did not monitor the content of outbound email and file attachments for compliance purposes. The survey, which polled more than 200 IT and business decision-makers across the U.S. and Canada, indicated many companies are still lacking basic tools for secure data delivery, with more than half (54 percent) lacking a single tool for securely encrypting sensitive email and transferring files.