Dell SecureWorks Launches Threat Resource Center

The information allows organizations to gain knowledge of the different types of advanced threats and how threat actors operate.

Dell SecureWorks, a division of the tech giant that deals solely with information security services, announced the launch of the Advanced Threat Resource Center (ATRC) to help organizations detect, resist and respond to advanced cyber-threats. The company designates advanced threats as those anywhere a determined adversary targets and attacks an organization for financial gain, intellectual property theft, intelligence collection, competitive advantage or otherwise harm an organization€™s reputation.

Operators behind advanced threats have a spectrum of intelligence-gathering techniques at their disposal and often combine multiple techniques to access and compromise sensitive information, and information available through the ATRC gives information-security professionals access to a range of threat analyses, white papers, videos and webcasts providing information on the techniques, tools and social engineering tactics hackers use to compromise organizations.

€œOur Counter Threat Unit research team, which is often the first in the security industry to identify emerging threats and new exploit techniques, has engaged with a diverse range of security leaders who are actively defending against advanced threats every day,€ Jon Ramsey, Dell SecureWorks chief technology officer, said in a prepared statement. €œCollectively, we have assimilated a knowledge base that gives organizations a real-world guide on how to detect, resist, respond and mitigate the risks from these targeted threats. This new resource center contains valuable tools that help demystify advanced threats. By understanding how these advanced threats operate, organizations can better protect themselves.€

The ATRC also provides an Incident Response Preparedness Survey to test how prepared an organization is to handle a breach or critical security incident €“ and the potential risk of business disruption, with practical recommendations and a quantitative score on the capabilities to mitigate an adverse business impact from a security breach. Other resources include a variety of videos where CISO's and other security leaders respond to questions on advanced threats, and a selection of Webcasts and whitepapers.

In June, the company announced managed third-party Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) services and a fully managed F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) Web application firewall service that secures Web applications in traditional, virtual and private cloud environments. SecureWorks also launched its first mobile application providing access to Dell SecureWorks' Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, ticketing information and workflow for security events and access to SecureWorks' CTU Threat Intelligence from the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) security research team.