Dome9 Security Introduces Cloud Server Secure Access

The Dome9 Chrome App, enabling secure access to servers and clouds for Google Chrome users, is available at the Chrome Web Store for free.

Dome9 Security, a provider of cloud security firewall management for public and private clouds, as well as for dedicated and virtual private servers, announced the availability of Instant Access for Google Chrome, a new browser-based application enabling one-click secure access to servers and clouds for Google Chrome users.

Today, there are more than 30 million cloud and virtual private servers in use, and most are vulnerable to attack because their built-in security stacks such as the host firewall are too difficult to manage. Dome9 delivers a cloud server security solution by offering a GUI-based firewall management service to secure an unlimited number of Windows and Linux servers in any virtual private, cloud, collocated and hosted environment.

By clicking the Dome9 button in Google Chrome, customers get secure, time-based access to any defined set of services and servers in any cloud, based on their allowed cloud-access rights. The Dome9 Chrome App is available free at the Google Chrome Web Store.

The Dome9 solution saves FundNET Design time in setting up secure server access for its clients and provides the company with usage audit trails, said Jonathan Hunt, president of FundNET, a provider of communication and information technology for the financial services industry.

"Dome9's integration with Chrome €¦ gives us instant secure access to our servers, and saves us from another log-in," Hunt said. "Dome9 and the new Instant Access save us time, make us more secure and increase our efficiency. It pays for itself every day."

Customers pair the Dome9 Chrome application with their Dome9 account using their unique API key available within their Dome9 account. Once securely paired, Instant Access allows users to select the servers, services and time period for default access, and get secure access only to those servers they are authorized to access. Each authorized developer and administrator has secure access to their servers with just the click of a button, directly in each user€™s browser.

"Our new instant access app for Google Chrome makes it unbelievably easy to get secure access to any server, on-the-fly," said Zohar Alon, Dome9 co-founder and CEO. €œThis new functionality marries security and simplicity to make any server virtually invisible to hackers, yet accessible when, for whom, and only as long as is needed."

Instant Access is included in the company€™s Business Cloud platform, and for the first 30 days is included in the Dome9 Lite Cloud. The recently announced Lite Cloud is a free cloud security service that provides centralized firewall management for an unlimited number of servers and clouds in virtual private, cloud, collocated and hosted environments.