Dtex Systems: Product Overview and Analysis

The Dtex Systems Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform provides customers with complete visibility over user behaviors and activities taking place on endpoints that are on and off the network.


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Today: Dtex Systems (advanced user behavior intelligence and insider threat detection)

Company descriptionDtex Systems provides enterprises across the globe with revolutionary technology to protect against insider threats, data breaches, and outsider infiltration. As the only solution combining unparalleled endpoint visibility with advanced analytics, Dtex is able to pinpoint threats with greater accuracy than traditional security methods without adversely impacting user productivity.

The Dtex Systems Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform provides customers with complete visibility over user behaviors and activities taking place on endpoints that are on and off the network. The Dtex lightweight endpoint meta data collectors are highly scalable, easy to deploy, require no maintenance, and have near-zero impact on endpoint and user performance. Dtex filters out all non-essential “noise” to create a high-fidelity data stream that indicates exactly when risky activities and behaviors are taking place. Machine learning and advanced analytics are applied to the data at the server to convert it into user behavior intelligence that provides accurate alerts and a complete audit trails showing where insider threats exist. Patented anonymization capabilities, privacy-by-design architecture and meta data collection protects user privacy.

Type: Privately held

HQ: San Jose, Calif.

Founded: 2002

VC Funded: 2015

CEO:  Christy Wyatt

Markets:  Dtex provides public and private sector organizations ranging in size from SMBs to the Fortune 500 with advanced user behavior intelligence. Markets include government, financial services, manufacturing, legal, pharma, healthcare, and critical national infrastructure.

International Operations:  United States, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Product and Services

The Dtex Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform. The company has combined technology, machine learning, advanced analytics and privacy protection to provide intelligence that customers use to detect insider threats.

Key Features

User Data Collector: Dtex aggregates custom metadata using an ultra-lightweight collector on the endpoint. This collector is unobtrusive and can be deployed in minutes with minimal network impact. Curated metadata provides evidence of end-user behaviors without inundating the server or analysts with meaningless events or false positives. 

Privacy Compliance: Dtex doesn’t collect key-stroke logging, screenshots, videos, or any other invasive information. Dtex provides an anonymization option that allows user identities to be protected and only made known after risky behavior is identified. This allows customers to use Dtex without violating the GDPR or other privacy regulations.

Expert Library: The Dtex platform provides thousands of patterns of known bad behavior that have been collected from real-world investigations. These patterns allow Dtex to quickly and effectively pinpoint known-bad behaviors from day one.

User Behavior: Dtex includes advanced user behavior intelligence. This intelligence automatically baselines normal user activity and identifies anomalies. This allows Dtex to detect and alert on the “unknown unknowns”—never-before-seen suspicious behavior.

Risk Scores: Dtex generates risk scores by comparing a user’s recent events against themselves (i.e. their own historical baseline), against their peer group (i.e. the baseline of users in similar departments or roles) and against the entire organization.

Alerts & Hunting: Dtex dashboards provide complete views at a glance. Targeted alerts let your team know quickly about high-risk activity. Full integration with SIEM and other big data platforms allows you to keep all data under a single dashboard and alert system.

Expert Analysis: Dtex expert analysts provide ongoing support. Our analyst team provides installation and tuning and can help with investigations. The team also will help manage your alerts and periodically create User Threat Assessment Reports to show you significant threats in your enterprise

Insight and Analysis

Dtex helps enterprises understand what users are doing in their environments. The advanced user behavior intelligence platform provides a high-fidelity signal that gives complete visibility into everything users do on their work devices – on and off the corporate network – without compromising their privacy, and without all the noise. It is scalable enough to be deployed enterprise-wide without negative impact to network performance and fills gaps in existing security. Dtex provides answers needed to stop insider threats quickly. Hundreds of global enterprise customers use Dtex to detect credential misuse, stop data exfiltration and eliminate insider threats.

Dtex is listed by PredictiveAnalyticsToday as No. 7 among the 21 best user-and-entity analytics security software packages now available. Highlights:

“Dtex is capable of searching for information that won’t be available anywhere otherwise. The software can detect threats emerging from inside the organization. These threats may be from malicious employees, fraudulent activity, failed security controls, thefts of intellectual property, accidental misuse and so on. The software provides complete data to identify and detect threats. The software can be purchased and a free drive requested.”

Dtex received a 7.6 rating (out of a possible 8.0) in the review rankings by the analyst. (To read the full review, go here.)


Another industry analyst, J2 of Capetown, South Africa, had this to say about Dtex Systemskan:

“Dtex answers common IT support questions in seconds that can take hours or even days with other systems: An employee left the company; what files did they take with them? A user "lost" a file somewhere on the network; where is it? A laptop was lost or stolen; what data was on it? Which systems have an increase in hanging / not responding conditions?”

“With Dtex, highly regulated companies are moving away from empty attestations to data-driven validation while maintaining compliance with the strictest privacy regulations.

“Dtex verifies IT security controls, monitors access / editing of critical files, and audits all user activity to support compliance with regulations like SOX, GLBA, NERC-CIP, PCI, and HIPAA.”

(To read the rest of the analysis, go here.)


List of current customers: Williams F1, AMP, U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Delivery:  Software, cloud hosted and on-premises

Pricing:  Subscription; basic starts at $2 per user per month. Go here for pricing details.

Other key players in this market:  ObserveIT, ForcePoint, Exabeam, Securonix

Contact information for potential customers: 


[email protected]

+1 (408) 418 – 3786



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