Eastwind Networks Enables Cloud-App Visibility with Cloud Connectors

Users mistakenly think that if they put their infrastructure into Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud or Azure, that they’re also providing security—but that’s a fallacy.


Cybersecurity platform maker Eastwind Networks on May 22 released a new feature, Eastwind Cloud Connectors, that enable users to analyze activity from SaaS, IaaS and PaaS providers alongside traditional on premise and virtual networks.

The Salt Lake City-based startup is a cybersecurity solutions and breach analytics cloud platform company that focuses on protecting data that flows between an on-premises system and cloud storage. Its product is designed to provide visibility, forensics and incident response capabilities to enterprises in real time.

The connectors are not APIs (application programming interfaces) by themselves, but they can use APIs in making their data connections between applications.

Eastwind Network’s Breach Analytics Cloud enables visibility from a central admin dashboard across the entire attack surface by collecting telemetry from hybrid environments, traditional and non-traditional networks, cloud software and infrastructure providers and off-premise users.

The new Cloud Connectors work in tandem with the company's Breach Analytics Cloud to upgrade visibility during migrations or when running cloud technologies, Eastwind Chief Strategy and Security Officer Robert Huber told eWEEK.

The Cloud Connectors work with Dropbox, Office 365 and G Suite, with additional integrations coming soon, Huber said.

“People mistakenly think that if they put their infrastructure into Amazon (AWS), that they’re also providing security—and that’s actually a fallacy,” Huber said. “A lot of other cloud providers do the same thing; what they provide is security of their own infrastructure. And they do a fantastic job of that. But when it comes to your data, they don’t know when there’s a misuse of it. It’s very similar for Office 365 (Microsoft) or G- Suite (Google).

“If I’m using G Suite and I’m sharing a folder at large with the public, Google has no idea whether it’s a good or bad thing.”

As predicted by threat research firm AP10/Cloud Hopper, cloud services represent the next vector of cyber-attack that needs to be addressed, Huber said.

The Eastwind Cloud Connectors allow businesses to grow by embracing cloud technologies. The Cloud Connectors work with Dropbox, Office 365, and G Suite with additional integrations coming soon.

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