eBay Phishing Suspect Arrested

Romanian authorities announce the arrest of a man accused of phishing for eBay employee credentials.

Law enforcement in Romania have announced the arrest of a man accused of trying to phish IDs and passwords for more than 3,000 eBay employees.

Liviu Mihail Concioiu, arrested Sept. 22, is accused of having launched two phishing attacks against eBay in 2009 and stealing employee credentials with which he accessed an eBay database and stole company documents and files, among them an application used by eBay employees to query a database with information about customers and their transactions.

Separately, Concioiu is accused of working with others to fraudulently use ATM cards to withdraw 300,000 euros from banks in Italy. Prosecutors in Romania cooperated in the investigation with the U.S. Secret Service officers in the U.S. embassy in Bucharest as well as authorities in Italy.

Earlier in 2010, law enforcement officials from Romania and the United States arrested 70 members of three different organized crime crews for taking part in an online scam targeting eBay.