Employees Using More Networks for Remote Access of Apps, Duo Finds

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Employees Using More Networks for Remote Access of Apps, Duo Finds

Duo Security released its 2018 Duo Trusted Access Report on May 23, revealing insights into the current state of end-user devices and access in enterprise environments. The 13-page report is based on Duo Security's analysis of 10.7 million devices and nearly 500 million user access requests to protect corporate applications and data per month. Among the high-level insights in the report is that users are increasingly using more unique networks to access data remotely. Looking at device health, Duo found that 90 percent of Android devices were out-of-date in that the most recent security patches had not been installed. On a positive note, Duo's analysis found that an increasing number of organizations have moved away from Windows 7 and have now deployed Windows 10. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at some of the top findings from the 2018 Duo Trusted Access Report.

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More Unique Networks Are Being Used

Remote workers are using more unique networks to access applications. For the 2018 report, Duo found that 26 percent of users were accessing corporate applications from two or more networks, up from 23 percent in 2017.

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End Users Are Opening Phishing Emails

Duo found that 43 percent of end users opened phishing emails, while 23 percent actually clicked on links in phishing emails.

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Android Is Often Out-of-Date

Ninety percent of Android devices in the Duo analysis were found to be running versions of the Android operating system that were not patched with the latest security updates.

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Out-of-Date Browsers

Looking at browsers across both mobile and laptop devices, Duo found that 93 percent of Firefox Mobile browsers were out-of-date.

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Flash Is Being Uninstalled

Among the most significant shifts noted in the Duo Security report is the volume of browsers that no longer support Flash. In 2017, 24 percent of browsers had uninstalled Flash, which grew to 69 percent in 2018.

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Outdated Flash

Among those users who still have Flash installed in their browsers, 52 percent were running with out-of-date versions of Flash.

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Windows 10 Adoption Growing

On a positive note, Duo's analysis found that Windows 10 adoption is growing, with 48 percent of Windows endpoints now running the operating system, up from 27 percent in 2017.

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