Entrust to Release Network Encryption Offering

Updated: The company announces an upcoming network folder encryption product designed to secure shared enterprise files.

Entrust announced Dec. 5 that it will soon launch Entrust Entelligence Group Share, a folder encryption product for corporate networks.

Using "zero-touch" folder administration, the product offers businesses control over their shared folders and the option to change permissions on a shared folder without having to alter the folder or the information that is in the folder.

"We are pleased to offer a security solution that provides the high manageability and audit trail organizations need to effectively address this security gap and meet regulatory requirements," Bill Conner, chairman, president and CEO of the Dallas-based digital security provider, said in a news release.

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Entrust Entelligence Group Share will also offer encrypted folder activity, which develops an audit log that includes what users accessed from the folders they selected as well as their location and the time that they retrieved the folders.

Group Share uses Entrusts Group Key encryption technology, but the keys used to decrypt the chosen files and retrieve the information are only sent out after the user is authenticated. This provides increased protection because decryption keys are not permanently stored on the client, the company said.

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According to Entrust, the Group Share product will feature transparent and persistent encryption, allowing authorized users to encrypt and decrypt files without any training, and ensuring that the file will remain encrypted wherever it goes, even if the file is moved to a USB drive.

Entrusts new encryption product will also be able to allow users to transfer and collaborate on information and sensitive data between businesses without risking the datas security.

"The first generation of shared folder encryption products on the market were a bit clumsy—requiring the administrator to jump through hoops when changing permissions, and nearly impossible to audit," Conner said.

The beta testing of Entrust Entelligence Group Share will begin in a few weeks, and the company said it expects the product to be generally available late in the first quarter of 2007, for a fixed price.

Editors Note: This story was updated to provide corrected information about the products decryption approach, the shipping status of the product and its price.

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