Ericom Shield: Product Overview and Insight

eWEEK PRODUCT OVERVIEW and INSIGHT: Ericom Shield offers solutions that secure browsing and optimize safe desktop and application delivery to any device, anywhere.


Today: Ericom Software (secure enterprise application access and zero-trust cyberthreat protection)

Ericom Software describes itself as a global leader in securing and connecting the digital workspace. The company offers solutions that secure browsing and optimize safe desktop and application delivery to any device, anywhere. Ericom enterprise-grade remote browser isolation, secure remote access and cloud enablement solutions provide a superior work experience and optimize enterprise productivity at tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes, with more than 10 million users.

Ericom Shield executes all web content in disposable containers located in a remote isolated environment. Users interact with websites via a safe media stream that is sent to their browser and provides a natural, seamless and fully interactive browsing experience, while ensuring that no web content comes in contact with endpoints or organizational networks.

Founded in 1993, Ericom has offices in the U.S., U.K. and EMEA and interacts with distributors and partners throughout North America, Europe, APAC and Africa.

David Canellos is president and CEO of Ericom, which is privately held and headquartered in Closter, N.J.

International operations: North America: Greater New York area; Europe: United Kingdom; Middle East: Israel; Asia: Tokyo

Products and Services

Ericom Shield: This remote browser isolation prevents ransomware and other web-borne threats from reaching user endpoints by executing active web content in a remote isolated container in the cloud or on-premises. An interactive media stream representing the website is sent to a device’s browser, providing a safe, seamless, fully interactive user experience. Whether users browse to a malicious site on their own or reach one by clicking a URL embedded in a phishing email, they are completely safe since no web content is ever executed directly on the device. For additional phishing protection, Ericom Shield’s browser isolation technology can render sites in read-only mode to prevent users from entering credentials. Attached files are sanitized before being transmitted to endpoints, ensuring that malware within downloads cannot infect end-user devices.

Key Features

  • Protection from browser-borne threats: websites, emails and files
  • Anti-phishing active protection
  • Zero installation on the endpoint
  • Native experience using any browser of choice

Insight and Analysis

There are few product reviews available on Ericom Shield. There are none available on Gartner Peer Reviews, IT Central Station, Capterra or G2 Crowd. Here is descriptive information from the Capterra software evaluation site:

Ericom is best for: Security solution that helps IT teams with malware protection, browser isolation and ransomware protection.

Product details: Cloud-based browser isolation tool that helps businesses with malware blocking, file sanitization and data security.


The following is from a 2019 review of Ericom Shield by SC Magazine:

Summary: “This product takes an innovative approach to fill a gap in an often overlooked, niche area.

“Ericom Shield is an advanced, remote browser isolation solution designed to add another layer to your defensive posture. It isolates malware, ransomware and other threats to prevent harm by keeping everything off of the endpoints. This solution transparently secures internet usage while reducing risk to an organization, alleviating operational burdens. It can be deployed on-premises, in public or private clouds, or as a hybrid.

“We liked the support for a wide array of browsers, which left us free to choose whichever one we desired. Considering it is a clientless product, we had some problems and were expecting a more streamlined experience. However, we were impressed with the overall simplicity behind the concept of this solution.

“For Ericom, detection is not enough, so it focused on isolation, claiming to stop 100 percent of malware from the web from ever reaching the endpoint. While this protection is limited to web-based solutions, the product fills a niche in an often overlooked area.

“Ericom leverages an agile development approach with updates issued to the dashboard every month.  Each website is executed in an isolated browser, confined within a new and disposable Linux container that takes local cookies and moves them into that session for easy remote login. Containers are held remotely from organizational networks. When a site is deemed safe, it is rendered to endpoint browsers for secure and seamless browsing experiences. Upon cessation of the browsing session, that container and subsequent executable code are destroyed to ensure the malware can’t persist. These containers make extensive use of Docker and Kubernetes.

“Algorithms built into the solution help protect against common phishing attempts through the analysis of requested target pages. For any suspected high phishing probability, the solution carries out a customizable policy defined by an organization’s security team.

“Any files to be downloaded over the course of a browser session are scanned and cleaned with a pre-integrated, content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) process before being passed to the user’s device. The tool will sanitize any endpoint that becomes infected.

“Various reporting options are available and allow selecting certain timeframes for detailed views into what happened and when. These reports adhere to GDPR and privacy rules. From an audit trail perspective, information on events is being traced to show what occurred.

“This product functions differently compared to the other products we saw and focuses on the attack vector of the Internet. A tool called Analyzer can test the connection between an end user and the remote browser. This functions like a speed test, except it tests from the endpoint to the remote browser.” --Tom Weil, SC Magazine, 2019

Other key players in this market: Browser Isolation: Menlo Security, Authentic8, Symantec


  • Offered both as an on-premise solution and as a cloud solution
  • It is offered as a service in selection regions
  • Users connectivity is clientless

Pricing: There is not a free version of Ericom Shield. Ericom Shield does not offer a free trial. Annual subscription per named user.

Contact information for potential customers:  Ericom Software, 231 Herbert Avenue Bldg #4, Closter, NJ 07624. Phone: 201-767-2210; email: [email protected]

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