Eudora Gives Outlook Users an Alternative

Eudora 6 is a worthwhile upgrade for current users and includes a good spam blocker.

For years, those in the know looking for a free e-mail package have opted for Eudora over the ubiquitous Outlook Express. Eudora 6 is likely to give loyal users a reason to carry on—and perhaps give at least a few others a reason to try.

Eudora comes in Light, Sponsored (ad-supported), and Paid modes. We looked at the Paid version of Eudora 6, which is the only version to include the worthwhile SpamWatch spam-blocking utility.

Eudora 6 offers two slick interfaces: the classic look or one with more XP-like icons. Speaking of icons, the Options dialog box uses them in an intuitive way that makes setup navigation exemplary. In the main interface, Eudora welcomes users with its multipane view, which has been imitated by competitors for years. The left pane provides easy access to your In, Out, Junk, and Trash folders, along with others you create. Switching between accounts is just as simple, thanks to a tab at the bottom.