Exacq, Elerts Team Up to Enhance Video Surveillance Monitoring Tech

The deal combines Exacq's video management system with Elerts incident reporting software app for smartphone users.

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In a move that leverages cloud and mobile technologies, Exacq Technologies, a manufacturer of video management system (VMS) software and servers for video surveillance, has integrated in-the-cloud incident reporting software from Elerts with its exacqVision system. Together, the offering improves video surveillance monitoring of suspicious activities by enabling users to instantly analyze incidents from a smartphone app.

The cross-platform exacqVision VMS for network video surveillance systems is available on factory-installed hybrid and IP camera servers or on commercial off-the-shelf servers as well as directly installed on compatible IP cameras. The Elerts incident reporting software allows smartphone users to quickly report security and safety concerns to their organizations, police or security operations, thanks to its cloud server that triggers the VMS to display live video from the cameras.

"We are excited to announce this partnership to provide our users with more timely information to assist in making better security decisions," Dave Underwood, president, Exacq Technologies, said in a statement. "The Elerts integration provides our customers with a new way to be active in their everyday efforts to maintain safe environments."

Here's how it works. When an incident is reported from the app, Elerts sends the smartphone GPS location to its cloud server to determine which surveillance video camera is closest to the incident, sending an event message to focus on the nearest camera's field of view. Users who are connected to the exacqVision server via the exacqVision client software will be switched to live video from the specified camera, enabling them to immediately act on suspicious activities as they occur at their facilities, according to Exacq.

"The combination of exacqVision and Elerts demonstrates a new way to leverage investments in surveillance camera networks," Ed English, CEO, Elerts, said in a statement. "With the ability to focus attention on the one camera pointed at a security concern, exacqVision customers can benefit from the human intuition of the person who submitted the report with their smartphone."

Earlier this year, Exacq released Version 5.4 of its exacqVision VMS software. New features include a simplified search archive drive, a direct driver for Samsung IP camera integration and enhanced panoramic camera control. Nearly 200 new IP cameras from leading manufacturers are supported through Version 5.4 software.