Exorcize PC Demons for Free on Halloween

If your PC is possessed, a free day of technical support could cleanse it of evil malware on All Hallows Eve.

Two vendors want to know: "Is your computer possessed? Does it seem like your hard drives haunted?"

If so, theyre offering a day of free technical support to cleanse PCs from evil and help users rid themselves of zombies, botnets, viruses and other malware on Halloween.

CyberDefender, an Internet security company that uses a client-to-client distributed network to scare off spyware, viruses, phishing and dangerous spam, and tech support provider Quatrro will be offering remote scans and remote repairs to any home or office user who calls (877) 377-3765 on Oct. 31.


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According to a release, the free goodies will include anything from repairing malware damage, speeding up system performance or even making sure that competitors security solutions are working.

Generally, CyberDefender says, tech support calls cost between $50 to $100. The giveaway is to promote a new offering, Premium Tech Support 24/7/365.

CyberDefender recently released Complete and Ultimate security suites that already include free phone and remote support for one year, on top of support for competitors security solutions.

CyberDefenders support program is powered by Quatrro.

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