Facebook Mobile Boosts Privacy with Application Dashboard

Facebook is adding an application dashboard for mobile users that will give them a more detailed view into what applications are accessing their data.

Facebook is bringing new privacy controls and visibility to the more than 200 million people accessing the social network through their mobile devices.

During the next few weeks, Facebook plans to roll out a new application dashboard to mobile users. According to Facebook, the dashboard will give mobile users a detailed view into what information they have shared with different applications and Websites and the ability to adjust those settings "on the go." In addition, the Applications and Websites section of their privacy settings will display a full list of applications being used and when these apps last accessed their information.

"Other settings you can adjust include access to your basic profile information, photos and videos, friends' information and more," blogged Rose Yao, a mobile product manager at Facebook. "To see your privacy controls on mobile, go to m.facebook.com/privacy or visit the Settings page and click the 'Change' link next to 'Privacy Settings.'"

Facebook first pushed out the application dashboard to users of its main site in October, part of a larger rollout that also included the creation of new Groups settings as well as the ability to download everything a user has ever posted into a zip file.

Facebook has revamped its security and privacy controls several times this year. In response to complaints from privacy advocates, the site updated its security features in May. In the months since, it has added additional capabilities, including remote logout and a one-time password feature.

"It's important for you to always have control over the information you want to share," Yao blogged. "And as more people use their phones to connect and share information, we'll continue to innovate and improve your mobile privacy controls so you can enjoy Facebook wherever you go."