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While emergency reactions are under way to beef up security across the country, there remains an uneasy feeling that the most sophisticated of high-tech solutions are really only as good as the lock on the back door.

RiskWatchs Hamilton noted that electronic surveillance of facilities, biotech identity systems and other security measures are great - if the server on which they may all operate is safe.

"Take out the server, and what good is the security system?" she asked.

Forbes said such elementary steps as changing passwords regularly or making them more secure have been ignored by many businesses. A frequent complaint is that employees leave their passwords on sticky notes attached to keyboards, making the entire system vulnerable.

Such security concerns arent limited only to small corporations.

"The range of clients seeking our assistance is running the full gamut," Grove said, "from major banking institutions, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunications players, Internet service providers, government agencies, hydroelectric operators, to food chain and agricultural companies. . .

"As such, there is no single silver bullet or blanket solution that can be draped over all companies. Each has specific needs, shortcomings, levels of risk that they are willing to assume, and levels of budgets that they are able to expend," he said.