Fidelis Cybersecurity Buys Resolution1 to Provide Advanced Protection

Newly independent Fidelis claims the acquisition of Resolution1 allows it to deliver a unified advanced threat defense solution.


Fidelis Cybersecurity today announced that it has acquired privately held security vendor Resolution1, whose core product is the Resolution1 Platform for security incident response.

Financial terms of the deal are not being publicly disclosed at this time. The current Resolution1 team will become part of the Fidelis management team, led by Peter George, CEO of Fidelis. Resolution1 was spun out of security vendor AccessData in November 2014.

"Resolution1 will continue to sell, market and support its Resolution1 platform," George told eWEEK. "We will integrate Resolution1 with Fidelis XPS, our flagship network security solution that provides real-time detection and prevention across all phases of the threat life cycle."

George added that his company remains committed to supporting and enhancing both Resolution1's and Fidelis XPS' other respective endpoint and network security product integrations to offer customers flexibility in their security options, depending on their existing investments.

"We have joint customers, and they are all excited about the combination of the companies and solutions that offer protection, detection and incident response across the network to all endpoints," George said.

As to why Fidelis decided to acquire Resolution1, George said that network and endpoint security need to work together to create an overall stronger security posture. He added that the acquisition of Resolution1 allows Fidelis to deliver a unified advanced threat defense solution with seamless visibility, detection and response capabilities across enterprise networks to all endpoints.

"Resolution1's continuous, automated incident response for endpoints and Fidelis XPS' real-time detection and prevention of network threats deliver a powerful combination of advanced protection, analytics and data theft protection for our customers," he said.

Resolution1 provides a platform that Fidelis' Threat Research Team can use to operationalize host-based threat intelligence on enterprise endpoints as well as a tool that the Fidelis Network Defense and Forensics services team can use in both proactive assessment and reactive incident response service engagements, according to George.

Fidelis itself was acquired by Marlin Equity Partners in a deal first announced on April 14. Fidelis had been operating as part of General Dynamics and, as of May 4, became a stand-alone company, under Marlin's ownership.

"When we announced the acquisition of Fidelis by Marlin Equity Partners, we noted that Marlin invests in the products and the teams it acquires to grow the business for customers and provides additional capital for both organic and strategic growth initiatives," George said. "This acquisition represents a significant step in our strategy to deliver the greatest value to our customers by providing a comprehensive advanced threat defense solution that protects their most valuable data."

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at eWEEK and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner

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