Flaws in Graphics Library Could Bring Attacks

Multiple vulnerabilities in an open-source image format reportedly could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code in the context of a user viewing a malicious PNG image.

A researcher performing a source-code audit on a popular graphics library has found multiple security vulnerabilities in it that could be used to crash programs or execute attack code.

The PNG library (libpng) is a collection of graphics routines to manipulate PNG (portable network graphics) files. PNG (Portable Networks Graphic) is a graphics format that was designed many years ago as an alternative to the still more popular GIF format.

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According to the advisory, released by the OpenPKG Project, there is "a stack-based buffer overflow in libpng which can be triggered to run arbitrary code by a malicious png file."

A null-pointer error also exists that could be used by a malicious PNG file to crash a program, and several integer overflows that the researcher found could produce a denial of service in the program and the possibility of arbitrary code execution.

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Many Linux distributions have issued their own advisories and fixes for the bugs, including the Mozilla foundation, which has issued fixes for the Mozilla and Firefox browsers and the Thunderbird e-mail client.

The maintainer of the library, Glenn Randers-Pehrson, suggested that users download libpng 1.2.6rc1, libpng-1.0.16rc1, as well as an appropriate combo patch from Sourceforge or swrinde.

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