Former Intelligence Chiefs: Tech Can Counter Nation-State Threats

Today’s topics include a discussion between former U.S. and Israeli intelligence chiefs on cyber-security at the RSA Conference, and Microsoft welcoming Red Hat Linux clusters to Azure Service Fabric.

Former National Security Agency Director General Keith Alexander and former commander of Israel's 8200 Intelligence Unit Nadav Zafrir hosted a session on April 20 at the 2018 RSA Conference. Both were optimistic about cyber-security during the session despite the looming threat of nation-state attacks.

Alexander did express concern over Russian cyber-attacks against infrastructure and warned that Iran is already actively engaged in cyber-attacks in the Middle East, and will attempt to attack the U.S. as well. He also warned that China is stealing intellectual property from American companies.

Zafrir warned that given the risks, we are now at a critical point in human history where the foundations of how modern civilization itself works is at risk, especially as attackers take aim at the electrical grid and financial markets.

Microsoft is now allowing Red Hat Enterprise Linux users to create clusters for their scalable cloud applications on Azure Service Fabric. This new capability is part of the April 19th version 6.2 update.

Subramanian Ramaswamy, principal program manager of Azure Service Fabric, said the update also gives customers more control and insight over their containers, including the ability to “auto scale services and container instances.”

Additionally, the Service Fabric Explorer tool now displays more descriptive error messages, Docker API-based query support enhances visibility into the overall health of containers, and developers can take advantage of the Reliable Services programming model and Reliable Actors application framework.