GeoTrust vs. VeriSign: An SSL Controversy

GeoTrust says it surpassed VeriSign in the North American SSL certificate market.

GeoTrust Inc. said in a statement that the company has surpassed each of VeriSign Incs individual SSL certificate brands in the North American SSL certificate market based on its interpretation of data from a May Netcraft survey. The survey measured the VeriSign brands RSA Data Security, VeriSign Trust Network and Thawte. GeoTrust also claims that part of its fast growth occurs in the enterprise market where SSL certificates are used behind the corporate firewall and cannot be measured by third-party survey services.

But according to Brendan P. Lewis, VeriSign corporate communications manager, GeoTrust parceled the data, so it looks favorably on them. Lewis said VeriSign still outsells GeoTrust by a significant margin.

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