Global DataGuard Delivers Unified Security for Cloud Computing

Global DataGuard helps cost-conscious businesses secure their operations in the cloud with the impending release of its unified threat management solution.

Global DataGuard, a provider of network behavior analysis-based unified threat management tools for small to medium-size businesses and enterprise environments, announced plans to develop a unified cloud security solution by extending its systemic security architecture to support cloud and hybrid networks in addition to premises-based environments.

With commercial availability scheduled for the first quarter of 2010, Global DataGuard's Enterprise UTM for Cloud Computing offering will integrate network behavior analysis and correlation technology with PCI-enabled intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability scanning and management, log management, analysis and monitoring, network access and policy monitoring, and threat management capabilities, including prioritized network, global and vendor threats and vulnerabilities.

The company said this "unified security anywhere" approach will enable midmarket companies to fortify their existing premises-based, cloud or hybrid network infrastructure and future-proof current IT investments with a holistic architecture and applications portfolio that provides scalability, regulatory compliance and up to a 60 percent reduction in network security costs.

Company CEO Scott Paly said the industry has begun to realize that security requirements for cloud computing should parallel security for premises-based environments. "Adequate security is, ultimately, the network owner's responsibility, regardless of where the applications and data reside," he said. "By extending our network behavior analysis-based Enterprise UTM architecture into the cloud, our goal is to make enterprise-level security ubiquitous for SMB and SME customers at a fraction of the price, whether they have premises-based, cloud or hybrid network environments."

Analysts point to a variety of security issues that customers should review before selecting a cloud computing vendor, including privileged user access, regulatory compliance, data location and segregation, recovery, investigative support, and long-term viability. The also stress that customers are responsible for the integrity of their own data, and that cloud computing providers should be expected to undergo the same level of external audits and security certifications that are required of traditional service providers.

Among the features of Global DataGuard's solution is a unified administration, monitoring and reporting system that offers compliance reporting, weekly and summary reports, an integrated network security ticketing system, and a customizable, 24/7 managed security services from certified security analysts that can be purchased with or without a contract and provide real-time visibility, control and oversight of a business security environment whether it's for premises-based, cloud or hybrid networks.

In August, the company announced the enhancement its Firewall/Syslog Module (FSM) technology with the release of Version 3.4 to provide increased storage (up to 1.5 terabytes of on-board storage), advanced search capabilities for locating and analyzing specific log events over vast periods of time, and more sophisticated log parsing and alerting. The Firewall/Syslog Module is priced at $30,000 and can be leased with managed services for $2,815 per month, according to the company's Website.