Go to Account > Privacy Settings

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Go to Account > Privacy Settings

Strangely enough, the recommended settings for privacy on Facebook are not very private at all. If you are interested in having some semblance of privacy on Facebook, go for custom to be able to tweak each setting individually.

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Groups Can Customize Settings

If the user has created groups in Facebook to categorize their friends, the groups can be used for the privacy options. Groups are useful in order to create granular levels of privacy.

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Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings (Things I Share)

The first screen after clicking on customize settings brings the user to the Things I Share screen, covering the information displayed on the profile page. The most important setting, Posts by me, covers the bulk of Facebook activity, including posts, status updates and photos, and controls who can see them.

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Customize Things I Share > Posts by Me

If groups arent granular enough, selecting the Custom setting allows users to define multiple groups or even individual people who can see or cannot see your activity under Posts by Me.

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Things I Share > Include Me in -People Here Now' After I Check In

If you use Places to check-in to locations, there is an option to include all other users in the same area. If you dont want to be included after you check in, disable the setting under Include me in -People Here Now after I check in.

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Things I Share > Edit Privacy Settings

for Existing Photo Albums and VideosAlbums or photos can be adjusted on who can or cannot see the images. This is another good place to use groups. Each album in the gallery can be tweaked with different permissions.

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Account > Privacy Settings > Customize Settings (Things Others Share)

Things others share can be used to control what friends are sharing on Facebook about you. That row of images that appear on top of a user profile page? Who sees that row is controlled by Photos and videos youre tagged in.

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Things Others Share > Suggest Photos of Me to Friends

This setting is the infamous facial recognition technology where Facebook suggests users tag pictures possibly related to their friends. Disable this setting if you dont want Facebook to do so.

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Things Others Share > Friends Can Check Me into Places

Regardless of whether you use Places to check yourself in, there are a multitude of reasons why you may not want other people to check you into places on your behalf. If so, disable the setting under Friends can check me into Places.

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Controlling Who Can Contact You

Think very carefully about who can contact you. Selecting Only Me will ensure no one will find your contact information on Facebook, but maybe you want to use groups to let your family know your email address.

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