Google Adds Phishing Alert for Network Administrators

Google says its enhanced alarm system for network administrators allows them to detect phishing URLs.

Google has added a new alarm for phishing URLs to a service designed to alert administrators if their networks have been compromised.

The new phishing alert is part of Google Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators, a service launched in September. The idea behind Safe Browsing Alerts is to notify AS (autonomous system) owners about malicious content found on their networks.

"A single network or ISP can host hundreds or thousands of different Websites," Google security team members Nav Jagpal and Ke Wang wrote at the time in a joint blog post. "Although network administrators may not be responsible for running the Websites themselves, they have an interest in the quality of the content being hosted on their networks. We're hoping that with this additional level of information, administrators can help make the Internet safer by working with Webmasters to remove malicious content and fix security vulnerabilities."

The new feature adds phishing URLs to the mix, and e-mails warnings to administrators.

"We'd also like to point out the XML notification feature," Jagpal wrote Oct. 14. "By default, we send notification messages in a simple e-mail message. However, we realize that some of you may want to process these notifications by a script, so we've added the ability to receive messages in XML format. Click on an AS in your list to modify preferences, such as enabling the XML notification feature."