Google Apps Picks Up 2-Factor Authentication

The new two-factor authentication is served up on demand from Arcot Systems and designed to be a lower-cost method to get extra security than tokens or added work from users.

Google is dead set on convincing businesses that it's safe to move data from under their mattresses to the bank-the bank being Google Apps, of course.

To that end, Google on March 13 introduced two-factor authentication: an extra layer of access security that Google hopes will help to get businesses over the impression that Google Apps isn't enterprise-ready.

Like all of Google Apps-Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and the recently acquired Postini security and compliance services-the token authentication will be delivered as SAAS (software as a service).

The authentication, called Arcot A-OK On-Demand, comes from Arcot Systems, maker of authentication, digital signing and cardholder authentication technologies. It's available to customers using GAPE (Google Apps Premier Edition), for $1 per user per month, including 24x7 e-mail and phone support.

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