Google Chrome 12 Nets Bug Squashers Nearly $10,000

Google pays out nearly $10,000 to flaw finders for Chrome 12, which features better Safe Browsing and the ability to remove Adobe Flash cookies right from Chrome.

Google released Chrome 12 to the stable channel June 7, introducing a build that boasts better security, privacy and graphics.

The bug-hunting build-up to the launch earned researchers a total of $9,970.

Google paid an unusual sum of $3,133 to Sergey Glazunov, a researcher who found a high-risk same origin bypass in the JavaScript V8 engine, which led to "a beautiful chain of lesser severity bugs which demonstrated critical impact," said Chrome Security Team member Jason Kersey. "It deserves a more detailed write-up at a later date."

Google paid $2,000 to a researcher who found high-risk "use-after-free due to integer issues in float handling." The search engine also paid $1,337 for a medium-risk extensions permission bypass flaw.

The company paid $1,000 a piece for a high-risk "use-after-free in image loader" flaw, a medium risk "extension injection into chrome:// pages" bug and a high-risk "same origin bypass in DOM" issue. The final $500 went for a medium-risk "browser memory corruption in history deletion" error.

Meanwhile, Chrome 12 is also more secure than previous versions in other ways. The company boosted its Safe Browsing technology to warn users before they download some types of malicious files.

Chrome also now gives users more control over data that Websites store on their computers.

For example, Google worked with Adobe to integrate deletion of Flash Player's Local Shared Objects cookies directly into Chrome. This capability was previously only manageable using an online settings application on Adobe's Website.

Chrome 12 also supports hardware-accelerated 3D CSS, something the company showed off at Google I/O last month.

This essentially means prettier 3D effects, which users may see in this Chrome Experiment. Users may rotate the video, toggle the reflection on and off, and activate a carousel of videos.

Other Chrome 12 perks include the ability to launch apps by name from the Omnibox, integrated Chrome Sync into settings pages, better screen reader support. Google also killed Google Gears in Chrome.

Chrome users will be automatically updated to this new version of Chrome soon, part of the the company's nearly year-old, 6-week release schedule.