Google Says Developers Access Gmail Content With Users Consent

Today’s topics include Google clarifying app developer access to Gmail content, and Microsoft adding Visio support to its Teams app.

The Wall Street Journal last week published a lengthy report on the practice by Google and some other email providers of allowing third-party software developers to access the contents of email messages. 

On July 3, Suzzane Frey, Google Cloud's director of security, trust and privacy, said the company allowed non-Google apps to access the Gmail content of users but stated that the access was only provided to carefully vetted third parties and with the full consent and knowledge of users. 

Third-party app developers go through a multi-stage review process, which includes manual and automated reviews of the developer's privacy practices and of the controls in the app itself. 

Google also ensures that before a third-party app can access a user's Gmail content, the user is fully informed of the types of data the app can access and must grant explicit permission, Frey said. 

Microsoft is increasing workplace productivity by piling new features and application integrations onto its Teams chat-based group collaboration app. One new feature is Direct Routing, which allows businesses to extend telephony capabilities to Teams. 

Teams users are also gaining the ability to modify Visio diagrams without having to switch apps. According to Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Keara James, "Simply upload a Visio diagram to a channel's conversation tab to share with your team. 

You and your colleagues can then alter the diagram from directly inside Teams and engage in conversations within the file to encourage input from all stakeholders.”