Hackers We Love

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Hackers We Love

by Lisa VaasHere are our picks of some of the hackers—there are many more—whose work serves as a crucial security warning beacon for enterprises. They conduct their research in the face of threatened lawsuits and publish their results, ofte

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Hackers We Love - Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz, an evangelist with OWASP (The Open Web Application Security Project), focuses on Microsoft .Net security issues. Other security researchers note th

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Hackers We Love - David Litchfield

David Litchfield, Next-Generation Security Software co-founder, is the database bug hunter extraordinaire. Hes found hundreds of vulnerabilities in products, includin

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Hackers We Love - Dave Maynor

Dave Maynor, CTO and co-founder of Errata Security, together with Jon Johnny Cache Ellch, has shown <A HREF=http://securitywatch.eweek.com/sniff_your_wirel

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Hackers We Love - H.D. Moore

H.D. Moore, exploit writer and vulnerability researcher, built the open-source Metasploit Framework into a must-use penetration testing tool. His most-noted research als

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Hackers We Love - Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna Rutkowska is primarily known for her contributions to Windows Vista backdoor installation and hiding techniques.

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Hackers We Love - Jeff Williams

Now chair of the OWASP Foundation as well as CEO of Aspect Security, Jeff Williams has worked on a number of projects at OWASP, including creating the OWASP Top 1

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