Hey Hackers, Googles Hiring!

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Hey Hackers, Googles Hiring!

Google is hiring information security engineers, security engineers and security analysts. Booth reps couldnt tell eWEEK how many positions are open, but theyre looking hungry and eating up business cards like candy.

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Hey Hackers, Googles Hiring! - The Places

The information security position is available in the United States, in Mountain View and Santa Monica, Calif., Kirkland, Wash., New York, and Phoenix. Internationally, Google is hiring in Dublin, London, Sydney, Warsaw and Zurich. The security engineer p

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Hey Hackers, Googles Hiring! - InfoSec Engineer

Google wants world-class security engineers to keep its software and infrastructure designed and implemented with the highest security standards. If you like analyzing software design and implementation from a security perspect

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Hey Hackers, Googles Hiring! - Security Engineer

Google wants people who live, breathe and eat security for this one, so perhaps mammals arent qualified. Security eaters/breathers who dream about stack protection, suspicious activity in raw tcpdumps, or would like nothing better th

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Hey Hackers, Googles Hiring! - Security Analyst

Analytical do-gooders who want to make the world a better place in which to live are needed. Google wants people with experience in exploring and document system security, identifying weaknesses and creating formal procedures for the remediation of issues

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Hey Hackers, Googles Hiring! - Requirements

Google has a laundry list of requirements for each position, but in summary, dont apply if youre slow and/or stupid. For more details beyond the non-stupidity requirement, go

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