High Risk Virus Spreading Rapidly - Page 2

Bugbear.B is a typical mass-mailing virus, containing its own SMTP engine. The sending address and subject line on the virus-infected e-mails vary widely and appear to be random.

Bugbear.B is capable of spoofing addresses in several domains, some of which are high-profile companies such as Microsoft Corp., and several financial concerns.

The attachment containing the virus also has a random name, but is always 73.728 kb and has either a .pif, .exe or .scr file extension. The text in the e-mail message varies, as well.

Once resident on a PC, the virus creates a file that stores all of the keystrokes typed on the infected machine. Bugbear.B is also capable of disabling several kinds of anti-virus software and personal firewalls.

Network Associates Inc.s McAfee Security unit has classified Bugbear.B as a high risk.