How Aqua Security Is Helping to Secure Docker Containers

SAN FRANCISCO—Dror Davidoff, co-founder and CEO of Aqua Security, launched his company's namesake 1.0 container security platform in May 2016 and has been steadily improving it ever since.

Aqua was among the first of what is now a long list of third-party vendors that provide security controls for Docker container environments. In a video interview with eWEEK at DockerCon 18 here, Davidoff provides insight into why container security is increasingly important and what's next for his company.

Aqua 3.0 was released on March 7, providing new capabilities to help organizations protect applications running in Kubernetes container orchestration environments. Aqua 3.2 is set for a summer a release and will include additional capabilities, Davidoff said.

"There is a lot of new stuff coming to Aqua this year," he said. "We are now supporting other platforms, and we have a big Kubernetes focus and will also have a CRI-O focus." CRI-O is a new container runtime that Red Hat is developing. It is set to become the default engine in the Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes platform later this year.

Davidoff added that Aqua is now also supporting different cloud container offerings, including Amazon's Fargate container service.

"We have also invested in having deeper control points in runtime around networking and syscall profiling at the host level," he said. 

Organizations have realized that as they bring increasing numbers of container applications into production, there is a need for more advanced security controls, according to Davidoff. While most organizations already have some form of security technology deployed, he noted that existing security controls typically are not sufficient for containers.

"Organizations are realizing that whatever they have will not apply to containers because it doesn't have the granularity," Davidoff said. "They might also use some of the orchestrator-level security features, but very quickly they realize that it’s not enough, and then they look for an off-the-shelf solution like Aqua."

Watch the full video interview with Davidoff above.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at eWEEK and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.