How Cavium Is Building Silicon Innovation for Security

VIDEO: Raghib Hussain, corporate vice president/general manager and CTO, discusses Cavium's latest chip innovations.

building security innovation

LAS VEGAS—At the Interop conference here, silicon vendor Cavium is among those showcasing their latest innovations. In a video interview with eWEEK, Raghib Hussain, corporate vice president/general manager and CTO of Cavium, explained what the company is doing in silicon and software to advance the state of network security.

"Cavium as a company has put its focus on infrastructure products," Hussain said. "Cavium has been a leader in security processors for the last 10-plus years."

One of Cavium's security products is the Nitrox processor family, which can be used to boost encryption capabilities.

The data center market is evolving such that compute, storage, networking and security are all converging, Hussain said. Cavium has also seen a need for security in multi-tenant cloud security, which is where the newly announced Liquid Security fits in. With Liquid Security, high-performance security can be applied to virtual domains.

"Liquid Security is a combination of our Nitrox and Octeon processors as well as software," Hussain said.

Cavium also has a 64-core ARM processor family called ThunderX that has been enhanced for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) offload. In the Cavium booth at Interop, there was a demonstration display of how the Cavium Octeon III CN78XX processor can be used to deliver 100G bps of IPSec VPN traffic.

"We have always created innovative products, and of course, we'll keep doing that," Hussain said.

Watch the full video interview below:

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Sean Michael Kerner

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