i2 Analyst's Notebook 8

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i2 Analyst's Notebook 8

The latest version of the i2 Analysts Notebook visual intelligence and investigative analysis software more effectively enables organizations to uncover, interpret and communicate complex information about seemingly unrelated people, places and events in an intuitive graphical format.www.i2inc.com

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Imation SSD Upgrade Kit

The Imation SSD Upgrade Kit makes it easy to upgrade from a traditional HDD (hard disk drive) system to SSD (solid-state disk). With the Imation Upgrade Kit, users can take advantage of the latest SSD technology without replacing hardware or losing their current operating system, applications or data.Each Imation SSD Upgrade Kit includes an Imation SSD in 2.5- or 3.5-inch configurations with 64GB or 128GB capacity, as well as a USB-to-SATA or SATA connector cable, power cable and Acronis True Image HD software. www.imation.com/en/Imation-Products/Solid-State-Drives/M-Class-S-Class-Upgrade-Kits/

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Active Directory Query 5

Active Directory Query 5 from Tumbleson Consulting allows administrators to view and manage objects within a Microsoft Active Directory environment.Capabilities include the ability to query users, computer, deleted items and other objects; perform basic account administration; perform custom queries; and query multiple domains in a forest. The product works with built-in Windows administration tools, as well as with freely available products such as Group Policy Management Console.www.tumbleson.net/products/products.htm

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Zenoss Enterprise

Zenoss recently released a new version of its open-source network and systems monitoring software. Zenoss Enterprise eases the burden of managing and administering enterprise IT monitoring, allowing companies to perform network monitoring, alerting and reporting with just one product. The company is backing Zenoss Enterprise implementations with a guarantee of 50 percent or more cost savings on licensing, maintenance and deployment compared with rival products from Hewlett-Packard, IBM, CA and BMC.www.zenoss.com

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everRun 2G

According to Marathon Technologies officials, everRun 2G is the only automated availability platform for Windows Server environments that provides three levels of availability: automated high availability, component-level fault tolerance and system-level fault tolerance. everRun 2G eliminates the complexities and hidden costs of traditional high-availability and data-protection solutions, and provides reliable, affordable application protection. www.marathontechnologies.com

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Composite Information Server 5.0

Composite Softwares Composite Information Server 5.0-which introduces a new Eclipse-based XML designer-provides tandem development environments for both Web services/XML and SQL.www.compositesw.com

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Now 5.0

Thunderheads Now 5.0 communications platform includes two new modules.Analyze Now helps business users increase personalization, reduce risk and improve efficiency in the creation and delivery of customer correspondence and documents. Analyze Now is a comprehensive set of analytic tools that provides insight into an organizations customer communications. This tool is incorporated into Thunderheads Management Information Layer and allows managers to actively monitor and manage various business operations. In addition to those new tools, the platforms Contribute Now is a Web-based collaboration tool that enables business users to quickly and easily develop new content and business rules for communications.www.thunderhead.com

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TIBCO Spotfire 3.0

TIBCO Spotfire 3.0 is the latest version of TIBCO Softwares in-memory analytics platform. Spotfire 3.0 has a new Treemap Plot and improved Map Chart. In the example shown in the screen below, marking the Southwest region in the treemap has highlighted the corresponding map region and revealed detailed related figures in the cross table and pie chart.spotfire.tibco.com/tour

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Kaseya 6

The latest version of Kaseya delivers powerful new capabilities. The rearchitected base framework in Version 6 of the IT automation software extends the ability of Kaseya to facilitate integration across the board for IT resource planning. New features include a user interface with a Web 2.0 look that increases organization, efficiency and functionality; a service desk that provides ITIL-based processes and flow of incidents, problems and changes; enhanced workflow capabilities; an information center that houses upgraded and centralized reporting and messaging capabilities; and Live Connect, a new application for working with remote systems without the need to remotely control the computer.www.kaseya.com

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NEI S-650 and S-1100 Appliance Platforms

The NEI S-650 and S‑1100 are designed to host and better manage branch office and remote applications that require advanced network computing and connectivity. The S-650 is a set-top box that houses up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a single fixed 2.5-inch SATA hard-disk drive and two high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports. The S-1100 is a mini 1U rack-mount device with user-specified front- or rear-facing I/O ports, up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and a single fixed 3.5-inch or dual-fixed 2.5-inch SATA hard drive. Both systems support Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.www.nei.com

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Teamworks 7

Lombardis Teamworks 7 BPM (business process management) suite helps companies automate and control critical processes, achieving greater returns through support for large-scale business process transformation programs.Updates to the Teamworks 7 suite are focused on helping companies expand BPM adoption throughout the organization by increasing the potential for collaboration, governance and reuse, and by simplifying tasks across the process development lifecycle.www.lombardi.com/teamworks

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Tangent VITA LT

Tangents VITA LT is an all-in-one PC that can serve as a client in Tangents VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environments. The Intel Atom N270-powered system operates at 24 watts, with 72 percent less energy usage than standard Energy Star 4.0-compliant PCs, according to company officials.The VITA LT is being marketed primarily to education, but it should be considered by any organization looking for a green touch-screen solution that can be deployed in a VDI environment. The system is 1.4 inches thick and weighs 10.5 pounds. It includes a four-in-one reader, integrated Webcam, integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics, a widescreen display and built-in 802.11 wireless. The VITA LT runs Microsoft Vista Business, Windows XP Professional or XP Embedded, and comes with up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM and a hard drive up to 250GB. Educational pricing starts at $999.www.tangent.com/t_all_in_one_LCDPC/vita_1t.htm

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Gear6 Web Cache 2.3

Gear6s Web Cache is a memcached protocol-compliant application that enables Website developers and operators to scale Web services and applications, with the potential to save money (60 percent lower TCO, according to company officials), rack space, power and time. Version 2.3 of Web Cache includes multitenancy capabilities that enable managed hosting and cloud service providers to deliver memcached-a distributed memory object caching system-as a premium service to their customers. Other new features in Gear6 Web Cache include a Web services interface for programmatic management of the Gear6 platform; reporting of memcached statistics via SNMP; an advanced reporter that provides in-depth detail on cache usage, cache health, items, storage, clients and keys; and support for up to 384GB of memcached memory space per rack unit of data center space. www.gear6.com

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HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010 Printer Series

The HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010 Printer series is a high- performance, networked device designed for businesses that need to print in high volumes and protect confidential documents. With security features such as IPsec, SNMPv3, SSL/TLS, 802.1X authentication and Kerberos, the HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010 Printer series enables businesses to protect critical data that is sent and stored to the printer. Users can walk up and securely retrieve confidential print jobs by entering a PIN using the 10-number keypad, preventing documents from sitting unattended on the printer, or use a hardware integration pocket that allows users to connect and house security card swipe and authentication devices. The P3010 offers a print speed of 42 pages per minute, adjustable input capacity of up to 1,600 sheets and a 540MHz processor. www.hp.com

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myDIALS 3.0

myDIALS 3.0 dashboards combine operations and business data from existing data sources to deliver analytics that can be widely applied. my??íDIALS combines sophisticated analytics with interactive SAAS dashboards, enabling any user to continuously improve operational performance. The myDIALS 3.0 Operational Performance Optimization platform provides more than 35 standard connectors for various systems and databases. Easy-to-use analytics and real-time what-if scenario analysis are incorporated into the intuitive, interactive dashboard. Configuring myDIALS requires no code and can leverage performance modules that contain expertise for specific industries and processes. www.mydials.com

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Proofpoint Archive

The new version of Proofpoints Archive-part of the Proofpoint on-demand suite of cloud-based e-mail security and compliance solutions-eases the secure archiving of e-mail, as well as the storage management, legal discovery and regulatory compliance challenges associated with e-mail retention. The latest version includes new policy engine and workflow enhancements, improved support for historical e-mail, enhanced end-user search capabilities, and support for IM archiving. Archive stores encrypted e-mail data in the cloud while the on-site Archive appliance provides a secure connection between the local e-mail server and Proofpoints storage cloud.www.proofpoint.com

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WebDefend 3.6

Breach Securitys WebDefend 3.6 is a Web application security appliance designed to provide enhanced support for large-scale deployments. WebDefend offers enterprisewide reporting and the protection against security risks in Web 2.0 technologies, including AJAX, RIAs, RSS, XML and SOAP. The new WebDefend provides advanced support for next-generation Websites and applications to protect critical business information, ensure an optimal user experience, and safeguard corporate reputations by preventing hacking attacks and data leakage. WebDefend 3.6 offers capabilities for full bidirectional parsing of XML and blocking of XML-based attacks, and WebDefends console profile tab provides detailed information into real-world use of XML by the application, helping both developers and IT security staffs.www.breach.com/products/webdefend.html

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Art of Defences Hyperguard, now available as a SAAS offering, monitors incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic, and enables and enforces central policy.Hyperguard SAAS is built on Art of Defences patent-pending dWAF technology, designed for the diverse platform and infrastructure scenarios required to deliver applications through a cloud. Using the OWASPs (Open Web Application Security Projects) best-practice recommendations as a starting point, Hyperguard adds proactive security features such as secure session management, URL encryption and a Web authentication framework.www.artofdefence.com/en