IBM Reveals New Security Product for Virtual Environments

IBM announced plans for a new virtualization security product that extends protection to multiple layers of the virtual infrastructure by integrating with VMware's VMsafe technology.

IBM is talking up virtualization security with a new product aimed at protecting enterprise virtual infrastructures.

According to IBM, the product - known as IBM Virtual Server Security for VMware vSphere - is designed to help protect every layer of the virtual infrastructure, from the hypervisor to server-based virtual desktops. By integrating it with VMware VMsafe technology, IBM plans to offer customers better visibility, scalability and security granularity in their growing virtual data centers.

"For data center managers needing security solutions for their virtualized environments, the combination of IBM Virtual Server Security for VMware, together with VMware vSphere, can provide better visibility and control of data down to the finest granular level, preempting threats before they materialize," said Shekar Ayyar, vice president of infrastructure alliances at VMware, in a statement. "The combined solution leveraging VMware VMsafe is another step forward in helping customers deploy more secure virtual environments."

Specifically, the product provides virtual network access control as a means to prevent network access from a virtual server until its security posture is confirmed. It also features virtual infrastructure monitoring and reporting to identify vulnerabilities, as well as autodiscovery and virtual network segment protection to provide visibility and control of the virtual infrastructure.

IBM has also added anti-rootkit capabilities to help users deal with security threats.

The product is slated to be released next month and builds on the virtualization security story that the company has been telling of late. Earlier this year, the company made good on its promise of a virtual intrusion prevention product with the release of Proventia Virtualized Network Security Platform.

"Clients are asking for solutions to secure their data centers as they move from a traditional environment to virtual deployments," said Brian Truskowski, general manager of IBM Internet Security Systems, in a statement. "To that end, IBM has built [Virtual Server Security for VMware vSphere] based on the feedback of hundreds of customers looking to answer this urgent need."