Intel Says Cyber-attack Targeted Systems in January

Intel discloses in an annual filing to the SEC that it was targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack in January. Intel says the attack took place around the same time as the attack on Google. It is not clear, however, whether the attacks are linked.

Intel has acknowledged it was targeted in a "sophisticated" cyber-attack in January, but has not officially linked the incident to a broad attack on Google and other companies.

The company disclosed the attack in its annual 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Though Intel stated the attack happened "around the same time" as those experienced by Google and dozens of other companies, it did not report any direct link between the incidents.

Google reported Jan. 12 it had been hit by a cyber-attack in December targeting its systems. In the ensuing fallout, it was revealed that more than 30 other companies were also affected by the attack, including Adobe Systems and Juniper Networks. The origin of the attacks remains the subject of investigation, though recent reports have linked exploit code used in the incidents to target Internet Explorer to a freelance security consultant in China.

Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy told eWEEK the company was not willing to characterize the attack, and was keeping details of the incident confidential. In its SEC filing, the company stated that it "regularly faces attempts" by hackers to gain access to its systems.

Though some have speculated that the Chinese government was involved in the attacks on Google and the other companies, Chinese officials continue to deny that any connection exists.