IronPort Adds to Its Security Line with Internet Security Offerings

IronPort has added to its security product line with two offerings designed to secure e-mail and control Web traffic.

IronPort Systems announced Feb. 6 at the RSA Conference in San Francisco that it has released two security offerings—the IronPort C650 e-mail security appliance, which is designed to aid businesses in securing e-mail, and the IronPort S650, which is an update to IronPorts S-Series that helps businesses secure the Web.

Due to an increase in the amount of spam plaguing inboxes, IronPort developed the IronPort C650, an anti-spam, anti-virus e-mail security appliance. IronPort C650 combines IronPort AsyncOS, an operating system designed to address the requirements of e-mail gateways, with advances made in IronPorts hardware for the scanning of spam.

"The new IronPort C650 removes the performance challenges posed by the more computationally demanding algorithms and detection techniques required to ensure a superior level of accuracy," Tom Gillis, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing for the San Bruno, Calif.-based IronPort Systems, told eWEEK.

The IronPort C650 features spam protection using a multi-layered approach to securing users e-mail including a reputation filters for surveying e-mail traffic, anti-spam filters featuring the CASE (Context Adaptive Scanning Engine) and spam quarantine.

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IronPorts newest e-mail security platform also provides users with virus protection, e-mail authentication tools as well as an e-mail security manager that allows users to control e-mail security, including anti-spam filters, anti-virus filters, e-mail encryption and content filtering.

One company that believes IronPort is ahead of the curve when it comes to Internet security is Cisco, which announced in January that it intends to buy IronPort.

"We see IronPort becoming a center of gravity for another set of integrated security technologies," Richard Palmer, senior vice president of Ciscos Security Technology group, stated in a company release.

"IronPorts vision and technology complement Ciscos goals to gain a strong presence in the multi-billion dollar messaging security marketing segment and move towards providing a solution to address broad data security," Gillis said.

IronPort also announced that it has updated its IronPort S-Series, which is designed to secure a user from malware and other Web-based threats, with the IronPort S650 Web security appliance.

The IronPort S-Series combines URL filtering, reputation filtering and malware filtering to provide users with a way to secure and control Web traffic.

"Due to the insidious nature of malware, most companies realize they have a problem, but are unaware to what extent," Gillis said.

The IronPort S650 uses a Layer 4 traffic monitor designed to scan, detect and block both spyware and malware, as well as a dynamic vectoring and streaming (DVS) engine for reporting on malware. The S650 also features management and reporting capabilities.

"The IronPort S-Series has seen rapid adoption from large enterprise IT managers that are concerned about malware infections compromising their networks," Gillis said.

Both security offerings from Ironport are available now. Pricing for the C650 starts at $50,000 while the S650 starts at $20,000.

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