iWay Takes on Homeland Security

New offerings from the business integration software developer aim to help organizations implement homeland security apps.

Business integration software developer iWay Software, an Information Builders company, announced Wednesday a series of technology offerings geared toward helping government and public sector organizations implement homeland security applications.

IWay, of New York City, will offer accelerator software to address four security issues faced by government organizations, according to iWay officials. Those issues include bioterrorism detection and response; transportation, border and port security; secure information sharing; and international student tracking.

The new offerings are meant to address the requirements for vertical integration among different levels of government, while helping to build the more horizontal system of systems that President Bush mandated.

IWay uses its XML-based Integration Superhighway to facilitate the exchange of information between systems in the companys vertical accelerators, while its infrastructure provides the foundation for integration.

The four new accelerators include iWay Bioterrorism Response suite for early detection of biological threats. The suite collects and analyzes public health data that may come in diverse formats, from various sources.

The Integrated Justice Suite removes impediments to collaboration among federal, state and local law enforcement and judicial agencies by integrating existing information systems and providing Web and e-mail based information delivery.

The Transportation, Port and Border Security Suite uses graphically oriented GIS-based mapping and analysis technologies to track and report suspicious maritime vessels.

The SEVIS Compliance Suite enables higher education institutions to access, integrate, transform and report foreign student information in specified XML format to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Collectively, the suites are part of the iWay Security Exchange that looks to solve problems related to secure information sharing for Homeland Security initiatives.

The accelerators are available now.